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1. Take a photo of me on the plinth and send it to me!

2. Do something with the pink ribbon/braid/lace/fabric that came with the scroll, and send me a photo of what you did with it!

3. Send me a piece of your underwear – and tell me what it means to you.

(Sorry guys – I’m only looking to work with women’s underwear!  Please ask a woman you know to contribute!)

Make sure you send me some information about you!

If you want to help raise money to fight breast cancer, visit www.justgiving.com/juliatriston  and make a donation.

Visit my websites www.juliatriston.com and www.bra-ra-dresses.com


The Fourth Plinth Bra-ra Dress – ‘Pink Nation’ - will be auctioned to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer - Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 1062636) and Scotland (No SC039058), and is supporting Julia’s project.

Details will follow soon about the auction of the Pink Nation Bra-ra Dress.

If you want to help raise money to fight breast cancer, visit www.justgiving.com/juliatriston  and make a donation.

Julia’s latest press coverage can be viewed at:

The Northern Echo here (27 August 2009)

The Evening Chronicle here (27 August 2009)

Julia’s BBC radio Newcastle’s interview here (26 August 2009) – the interview starts at 36 minutes 22 seconds


If you would like to donate an item of your underwear to be included in a unique piece of artwork, for Julia’s next project, please send your donations (with contact details) to:

Julia Triston

Studio 2 Fowlers Yard

Back Silver Street



or contact Julia via her website: juliatriston.com

or ring Julia for more details on 07855 219253

to see more information about Antony Gormley’s fourth plinth project, visit: www.oneandother.co.uk

Photograph above by Nick Brereton

Fourth Bra-Ra Dress for the Fourth Plinth!

Julia did it!!!  She got your pink bras, created the ‘Pink Nation’ Bra-ra Dress and wore it on the Fourth Plinth!

Julia’s spot on The fourth Plinth was between 6-7pm on 09/09/09 - a great time, an auspicious date!

To view Julia’s hour on the Fourth Plinth click on the following link: oneandother.co.uk

This is the information Julia threw out from the Fourth Plinth in her pink scrolls:

09/09/09 – Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square, 6-7pm

I’m Julia Triston. I live in the north east of England. I am a textile artist/designer. I am the creator of the Bra-ra Dress.

I am wearing my fourth Bra-ra Dress – The ‘Pink Nation’ Bra-Ra Dress - on the Fourth Plinth.  I’m using the Fourth Plinth to highlight my work, and make a feminist statement about women’s identity, through donated underwear – a very personal and taboo raw material. This is my ‘Portrait of a Nation’ – in pink bras.

For this Bra-ra Dress, I asked women to send me a pink bra to stitch into this dress.  In just two weeks, I have received 133 bras from more than 80 contributors.  Donated bras for this Bra-ra Dress have ranged in size from 28AA to 52DD.  Bras have been donated from women from all walks of life, from all over the country, including the UK’s leading businesswomen, lingerie companies, actresses/tv personalities, models, authors, designers, journalists and feminists.

I’m going to auction this pink Bra-ra dress to raise money for Break Through Breast Cancer.  Look out for details of the auction on my website: www.bra-ra-dresses.com

Many, many thanks go to the following contributors for their support, and for being brave enough to part with their pink bra:

Agent Provocateur

Ann Kaloski Naylor

Ann Summers

Ann Triston

Barbara Seale

Bryony Hunter

Carol Rocke

Carol Rocke's friend

Caroline Howlett

Catherine Tate

Charlotte Walker

Charlie Hardwick

Christine White

Clare Armstrong

Dawn Pledger

Di Pickering

Diane Clavier

Dorothy Rice

Elizabeth Hurley

Ellen McNally

Emma Mills

Fay Weldon

Fiona Clelland

Fiona Evans

Frederike Jacob

Hedda Clark

Hedda Clark

Hilary Bower

Ingried Swan

Iris Crawford

Jacqueline Gold

Jacqui Dixon

Jane Dodds

Jo Thompson

Joan Baker

Joan Goodwin

Joan Hutchinson

Judith Banks

Julia Triston

Juliet Percival

Karen Adamson

Karen Randles


Kris Stenhouse

La Senza

Lauren Cooke

Linda Percival

Liz Brewer

Lorraine Fielding

Lulu-Belle Poad

Lyn Hedley


Marg Triston


Melita Butterall

Newcastle Women’s Collective

Nicola Rowlett

Nynzi Maung

Pam Bawn

Pam Cole

Patricia Varley

Pauline Twyman

Penny Gibbons

Rachel Bodle

Rachel Neish

Rigby & Peller

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP

Rona Bruce

Ruth Badger

Sadie the bra lady


Sarah Tremellen

Sam Fox

Shazia Mirza

Sian Lombard

Sigrid Fisher

Sue Ackerman

Sue Wild

Tracy Franklin

Tracy Gillman

Val Arif

Wendy Brereton

Wendy Greene

Yvonne Humphries

Zandra Rhodes

Zoe Triston

and 7 anonymous donors